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AMWC Testimonials

Check out what our attendees say about us, and why they attend the AMWC–Latin America Congress year after year. 

“I can say that each one surprises me, and each one is better than the last. It motivated me to attend the event because it is the way in which I can have contact with all my colleagues, not only from Colombia, but also from all over Latin America and many more countries in the world. Here we have the latest in technology and medical devices. AMWC is a global brand.” 

Dra. Mariana Montoya

“Each version has been growing and increasing in space, in attendees, and that’s why I don’t miss it, you are leaders in Latin America in all aesthetic medicine and anti-aging congresses. The most important part is the warmth, the networking space, learning new things, especially interacting with colleagues every year, where we learn new techniques, where we are at the forefront of the industry, and it is truly a pleasure and a privilege to attend.” 

Dr. Francisco Llano

“The motivation to attend this event is that we are a big family, we learn from each other, we always take new tips, new friends, and it really has something very special. The AMWC for me are friends, learning, exchange of techniques and knowledge. This event in 2022 was incredible, the organization was splendid, the number of stands increased a lot, the speakers were excellent and the topics were super interesting.” 

Dra. Maria Fernanda Cohen

“I have attended this congress for 7 years, and my motivation to attend the AMWC Latin America congress is that the presentations are always incredible, I love how the congress has grown, it looks much more organized, the attendees seem happy, and We always come here with a mission to learn from each other and collaborate in order to elevate the aesthetics industry. For me the AMWC is a gigantic global family of aesthetic medicine doctors from many parts of the world and from many kinds of training.” 

Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera

Hello everyone, I have come from Brazil to check all the news of the congress, which is very well organized, the scientific programming is great, everything is very good. 

Dr. Bruno Lima

I am a surgeon specialized in aesthetic medicine and I come from Chile, specifically, I am super happy to be here at this event, where we are learning a lot, new techniques and sharing with colleagues. 

Dra. Yveliss Sierralta

The event has been very well organized, the conferences seem to me to have been very enriching, and the commercial area has been quite complete, so I think it is worth continuing to come to keep up to date with great speakers and good conferences.

Dra. Maricarmen Chacín

I am at the AMWC, it is an event that seems spectacular to me because we have the opportunity to share with many colleagues and acquire a lot of knowledge, I am very happy to be with you.

Dra. Jelka Angarita

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Since 2014 I have been here with you and every time I look at it more beautiful and bigger. There are many presentations at the same time, do not miss it, there are first class exhibitors, not only from Latin America but from the world.

Dr. Carlos Rosales

Here we have the best combination of all the speakers from all over Latin America and from all over the world, and I think it is the most important congress in Latin America, it is an opportunity to network, it is an opportunity to learn new techniques. This is my fourth time, and I always love coming here.

Dra. Natalie Diaz
Dominican Republic

This is my second time at this conference, and it has grown, it has grown so much, congratulations to all. Although in the United States we think that we use everything, when I leave the United States I notice that there is so much information, there are so many people that I don’t normally meet, from all over the world, from South America, from Europe, and I learn so much here. and it makes me happy, it opens my mind and gives me so many ideas

Dr. Kian Karimi

Something very important in any scientific-academic congress is precisely that, science. This committee is really very scientific, it is something incredible, because what we are concerned about is bringing the best of science to the world, AMWC Latin America, the most important, the largest. We have had very good exponents in the congress.

Dr. Alejandro Coello

Innovative techniques, many companies present at the event, that enriches us all and we bring better techniques to our countries, with new products, and everything is very well organized, we have done very well

Dra. Guadalupe Miranda
Costa Rica

We feel very happy, we are very pleased with the number of personnel in terms of the daily talks, we have seen a lot of anatomy in cadavers, which has seemed very important to us, and how to update ourselves in other countries, and injection techniques, novel, and also quite enriching for our clinical practice

Dra. Tania Vargas
Costa Rica

The search in this congress for me is to update myself, to go looking for the best strategies, to go looking for the best technologies that I see that there are many, and the knowledge to take it to Honduras and be able to impart it to patients and that they see themselves benefited from this congress. I quite liked the world-renowned exhibitors

Dr. Allan Alfaro

I have really found a market that I did not know (…) I have just seen and visited a number of companies that I am really impressed to see how there are a number of products, equipment, treatments, and plus a different way of thinking too.

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra


Join us at the 11th AMWC Latin America -

17-18-19 OCT 2024