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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about AMWC? We are here to answer! 

The AMWC-LA will be held in a hybrid format, which means that it has two modalities of assistance: virtual and face-to-face. In both ways you will be able to access the academic program and the commercial exhibition. 

  • In-person Modality: Attend the conferences in person and meet highly renowned speakers, favor the exchange of ideas and the generation of business by interacting face to face with your colleagues. Visit the different stands of our important commercial exhibition, taking with you the official bag of the congress in its relationship with the industry. Live a unique experience full of learning and much more.
  • Virtual modality: You will be able to access from a distance to the different interactive conferences in which the attendee will be able to ask questions to the speakers, have the virtual bag of the congress and get in touch with the commercial sample through our online platform, specially designed for it.

AMWC-LA has two registration channels enabled:

  • The first is through our website, in the registration section, you will have the possibility to register through our online registration system in any of the two languages, Spanish and English.

    For this:

  1. Choose the modality in which you want to participate In-person or virtual.
  2. Select the currency for the payment option that benefits you the most: Colombian pesos (COP) or dollars (USD).
  3. Depending on the type of currency selected, you will be directed to a form where you can register.
  4. Fill out the form with all the requested information. (For the forms in Colombian pesos, you do not need to have an account to register, but for the system in dollars, you will be asked to log in with a username and password or else you will be asked to create a new user.
  5. Once you fill in the form with your personal data and assistance information, the system will allow you to pay through a secure online payment method.
  6. Make the payment
  7. A confirmation email will be sent to your email. And ready!

Note: The registration process may vary if you are a student or member of a scientific association, since these are categories that require attaching the certificate that accredits you as a member/student at the time of registration. The certificate confirmation period can last up to 48 hours.

COP registration

  • COP registration: Click Here
  • Group registration:  Click Here

NOTE: The Colombian pesos link is not enabled in the English language, the same as the group pass. They are only available in the Spanish language.

Registration in USD

  • Registro en USD: Click Here
  • The second registration channel is on-site registration, only enabled for physical attendance. In case you have not been able to process your registration through our website, you can pay your registration on the event site, on the days of the congress. IMPORTANT: The rate on site will be at full price, discount codes are not allowed on site.

Yes, it is possible to register through the COP registration system if your currency is different, since at the time of payment your bank converts the COP currency to your local currency.

Please use our COP registration system, there is no problem if your currency is different, as the bank converts the COP currency to your local currency. Discount codes mostly work through the COP system.

Yes, attendees can change their registration modality from virtual to In-person or vice versa, by sending the request to the email Keep in mind that it is possible that a rate change may apply.

We have special rates for members of the medical community who meet the following characteristics:

Students/Residents: In order to encourage students and residents to attend the congress, a special rate has been designed for them in the 3-day face-to-face pass. Only at the time of registration, select the type of pass that corresponds and attach the documents that are requested in order to access the benefit.

Members of Scientific Associations: Consult the list of associations with which we have an agreement, if you are part of any of them you can access the preferential rate in all our passes, selecting the option "member of scientific associations" and at the time of registration You must provide the code granted and attach the certificate that accredits you as a member of said association. If you cannot find the association of which you are a part, you can ask them to contact us at, and if you meet the requirements, we can include it in our agreements.

All student/resident/association registrations are subject to certificate validation.

Also, do not forget that we have 3 stages in which you can access the passes at a special rate. The closing dates of each stage are announced by our means of communication and the discount will apply to the current rate.

If you want to make a group registration, you can enter through the event website and in the registration section select ¨Group Registration¨:  you can make your group registration request. If you have any inconvenience, do not hesitate to write to us at the registration support email Keep in mind that, due to congress policies, this benefit is obtained from 5 registrations, and the more passes you register, the greater the discount you acquire.

It is important to clarify that group discounts only apply to the FULL 3-DAYS PASS (In-person and virtual) in the DELEGATES category

We will be very excited to welcome all representatives of the medical press who wish to participate in your coverage to our congress. Anyone wishing to participate with accreditation as a press and possessing a professional card/document will not have to bear the cost of entry to the event. To be accredited please write your request through the email

Please write to our support channel enabled for registration, or write to the following Whatsapp:

Yes, the AMWC-LA has a main hotel and allied hotels that can offer you a special rate for being an attendee at our congress in your lodging. Visit the following links for more information:

Headquarter hotel:

Hotel Partners: 

Yes, after the event the digital certificates of participation will be issued according to the corresponding registration modality. The publication date of these certificates will be announced on our social media. Remember that the student category certificate is issued as a student. 

Please contact our customer service channels to find out about sponsorship options. 

America Contact:
Whatsapp: +57 3146820293

Europe Contact:
Whatsapp: +34 675269448

We seek to offer the entire medical community that trusts us year after year, unique and brilliant quality academic content. If you want to cooperate in the construction of our great academic program and be part of it, you can send your abstract by following a series of instructions that you can consult at the following link:

In our section dedicated exclusively to this topic, you will also be able to find out the guidelines, requirements, stipulated times, and more aspects that you must consider when submitting your abstract.If you have any questions, you can write to us at

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17-18-19 OCT 2024